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*all donations are a tax-deduction gift
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Free My Art allows your fans to support you and your work with their tax-deductible monthly gifts, exchange messages, support exclusive content, and enjoy your artistic journey. They can give you creative autonomy, while we give them every benefit their generosity deserves.

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What Creators Need

All creative people are looking for a way to earn a reliable and sustainable income. The secret has always been to work closely with your biggest fans. They already want to help, but now you can offer them even better reasons to say "YES".

Free My Art

What Donors Want

Sooner or later, everyone asks
"What's in it for me?"
The Free My Art Foundation allows the generous fans to support their favorite creators through a 501-c3 charity and get the tax deduction their generosity deserves.

Free My Art

How We can Help

The Free My Art Foundation takes crowd-funding to unparalleled new heights. We are the new framework to support the arts that you never knew you always wanted.
This will change Everything!

Free My Art

How it Works

  • Chose your rate for your profile's subscription.
  • Share exclusive content beyond the general subscription.
  • Receive additional gifts through messages with your fans.
  • Collaborate with other Creators to widen your audience.

This will change Everything!

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